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About me


Emma Sacco


Bachelor of Fine Arts with Distinction (Drawing)

Alberta College of Art + Design, Calgary, 2012

Summer Studio Intensive Studies Program, Parsons The New School for Design, New York City, 2011


Previously an artist-run centre Director, Emma co-founded Tin|Lion Marketing Consultation & Design in April 2013. She currently resides in downtown Calgary with her husband Kammryn and kittens Lionel & Tintin, working towards her studio practice in a small, but colourful, two-bedroom apartment.


I am an interdisciplinary artist engaging with identity. The intersection of personal and cross-cultural experience such as mourning and sexuality, masculinity and femininity, are explored in my practice. My materials and process often reflect my interests in gender dynamics, binaries, chiasmus, and ritual.

Investigating expanded drawing, sculpture, installation, performance, photography and video my work often oscillates between social and satirical worship. Using scale, repetitive and exaggerated processes of commodification or distortion often express objectification of women, while cheapening and humanizing both religious and secular female icons. A constant negotiation of hierarchical categorization and marginalization, I assert and celebrate my own maternal gesture and occupy multiple roles as the art-Maker. Sometimes distancing self and framing generational expectations or anxieties while other times exposing it, my work often exists on a continuum between a representation and a reality. My practice often shifts between raw and delicate, expressive and impassive, containment and release. Unveiling rites of passage such as weddings and funerals while relating to the absence and presence of the body, my practice often explores and exploits observations of grand(mother)-m(other)-daughter-granddaughter relationships through the transformation of the archetypal Madonna/Whore complex.

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